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Into The Apocalypse, Pt. A: Divided & Conquered | Jun 28, 2021 - Rebecca Cullen

Introducing a mighty album of anthems and conceptual intrigue alike, John Consalvo leads with intention and unwavering passion throughout this brilliantly bold yet intricately considerate search for redemption. 

Bursting into life with the grit and heavy rhythms of We’re Here, Into The Apocalypse takes its storyline to literal plains and out-rightly declares the end of the world as our protagonist is consumed at the centre of the action. Confidence and boldness kick things off, but sure enough the project is far from predictable. 

Troubles Of The World immediately elevates things to a more rock anthem plain, complete with catchy melodies and an inescapable groove. Fast-paced lyrics captivate, a songwriter with plenty to say, stories to tell and refreshing ways to tell them.

See the world through the eyes of John Consalvo with his new full-length “Into the Apocalypse…”

We ended our last week’s review of John Consalvo’s “Troubles of The World” with the words “Come on John, give us an album to listen to…” and as you have probably already guessed, one of our favorite singer-songwriters in the Drooble community actually delivered. 

“Into the Apocalypse, Pt. A: Divided & Conquered” is a conceptual album telling an apocalyptic story about the world we live in, which to be honest feels like a pretty realistic depiction of what we’ve been through these past years and decades. Consalvo’s imagination has soaked all these life experiences, media stories, social media obsessions, and post-pandemic realities and has turned them into an impressive and immersive full-length album. In his lyrics, which have always been a signature part of his music, he offers his own interpretation of the world, shares his personal beliefs, and hints on possible ways out of this mess we call our life.

John Consalvo’s album “Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered” is a release you cannot miss!

Today, at Planet Singer, we have the great pleasure of listening to his album “Into the Apocalypse – Part A: Divided & Conquered” and discover more about the art of this talented musician!

Many years have passed since his debut album “Choose This Day,” released in 2005, giving this talented artist the time to reflect, change, learn, and clear his mind. Bringing the same tasteful songwriting to the next level, John’s new album is a true manifestation of his artistic growth and maturity.

“We’re Here” opens the album with intriguing guitar riffs, an exciting crescendo, and a powerful vocal performance that, always on point, captivates the listeners from the first second to the last! We find the same energy also in the colorful “Troubles of the World,” with its engaging rhythmics and suggestive lyrics! The album proceeds with the beautiful melodies of “Somebody Tell Me,” an excellent Rock ballad that will make all the fans of the most inspired Skid Row and Bon Jovi very happy.